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032: Rich Hinman

Good Morning, we're back.

This is Play It Like It's Music, I'm Trevor. Thanks for listening.

On Wednesday, March 25th of 2020 music is not content! It’s connection.

Do we need it now more than ever? You tell me. After you get your masks and your bleach wipes and your cans of beans, let me know.

[photo by Robbie Jeffers]

Seriously, I am ready for everything… to be normal again. Not happening, of course, but I’ve never felt readier! Those old things I used to worry about, I’d love to keep worrying about those things! So delicious, such quaint little worries. Ah, they seem so distant but in fact they’re just buried under a new load of worries.*

*Maybe you heard?

I feel like we’re all standing in the middle of this rope bridge, all 8 billion of us. Everybody knows the thing’s about to break, nobody has anywhere to run. Scary stuff, some people might get a soft landing, others might have everything they ever wanted and still not make it. Really makes you wonder what’s really important.

I said this last week and I’ll say it again in a different way: If I’m going down, I’m gonna go down playing. Those musicians on the deck of the Titanic didn’t really have anything else to do, though we all do have to keep on the lookout for ways we can help.

For now, make the music. Put it out there. Forget the fear, wondering where it all goes. For all you know this is the best time.

I make music to be less afraid. I produce it, teach it, perform it. And it works.

Today’s guest is the amazing Rich Hinman. Composer, producer, guitar and pedal steel player living in Los Angeles. He has worked most memorably with Sara Bareilles, kd lang, Rosanne Cash, St. Vincent, Vulfpeck, Brett Dennen and many others. You can pick him out from a mile away.

In this episode we get a tour of the pedal steel guitar along with Rich’s backstory, his origins and the usual assortment of reflections on life and craft that make this show what it is. I’m glad to have you here.

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Alright let’s say hi to Rich.

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Thanks for listening to Play It Like It’s Music. Thanks to Rich for spending some very generous time with us. You can find him at Rich Hinman dot com as well as on Instagram @richhinman.

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We're all contending with a mutating professional landscape, jacked revenue streams, a potentially catastrophic global pandemic and a lot of noise out there in the culture.

But you gotta keep playing.

We don't draw any lines here between scenes or styles.

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