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Episode 025: Max Lilja

That’s the captain himself.

Founding member of Apocalyptica, cellist at large currently working on his 4th solo album, multimedia artist and composer for video games, films, a Finnish radio drama based upon The Excorcist, he also tours with operatic metal star Tarja Turunen. Max Lilja is a quiet killer on the cello and also one of the people moving the state of the art forward on that instrument.

That is, this instrument [plays]…

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We are back.

On Wednesday, February the 5th of 2020, music is not content, it's connection.*

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So why talk to Max?

We are a weird bunch, the cellists. There are so many reasons why the instrument just shouldn’t survive in this age of synths and samples and Marshall stacks, but we do. Max not only shows the cellists how to do it but also for the rest of you, he embodies how discipline and experimentation can coexist in one amazing career. We all can learn quite a bit from Max.

Just a quick note, we were speaking at a bar in New York, during a soundcheck. So there’s some noise. It was the same night I spoke with Kevin Chown, the episode from a couple weeks ago. It gets loud and you’ll notice. But these musicians have lots of great things to say as we get ready for our gigs. So this is your backstage pass.

Here’s Max.

[press play!]

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