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Some people surf, others pursue rock climbing.

I pursue music.

(...or maybe I just let it overtake me?)

It's a life calling, and it's also a lifestyle choice. Just like surfing or climbing, we have to take it seriously and sometimes risk our lives. But I’m jealous that surfers and climbers don't have to listen to non-players' constant queries and feedback:

"Are you trying to make it in 'the biz', do you want to be famous?"

"The music industry isn't fair to artists!"

"Why don't you just get a job in an orchestra?"

"You should totally try out for America's Got Talent!"

Nobody says the “climbing industry isn't fair”, and I haven’t seen any "America's Got Surfing" celebrity judges on TV. Because surfers aren't trying to climb the surfing charts.

The waves just keep coming.

And my climber friends just want to go out in nature and climb. They don't all need a film crew, the rock face is just there and it'll stay there.

It's a rock.

Just like those waves and that rock, the music is always there too. The sounds just keep coming. I do it for the aliveness, we all should. Most of us do.

But what about the audience!

They have been trained by the zeitgeist not to enter in with us. They have been trained that it’s ok to talk in the room. Trained to take a picture of themselves at the gig and post it so that everyone can know they were in the room whether or not they listened. Trained to spend money on parking and beer, broadband and a T-shirt but not the actual music.

Let me tell you what music is for me today at this moment:

An exercise in connection. It’s physical and spiritual. Maybe it's a few other things too, and it’s sacred. We wire our hearts up and touch the sound.

And when gig night comes, we psych ourselves up to invite you along. To connect in delight, freedom of movement, luxury, and maybe peace of mind. To learn something new without having to impose it on the brain.

It's the most amazing thing. So why does anyone feel they need to "make it"?

It makes us!

Every day.

Let it make you.

“Well my last name is Corn so you can both go f**k yourselves.”

We were all having lunch at the Blossom vegan cafe on 9th, my (then) new girlfriend and I were re-hashing old elementary school jokes about our names with her friend Seane. Yoga friends… yadda yadda. Except this one was hilarious and slingin the zingers.

I walked away from everything Yoga about 15 years ago, it’s not my jam so you won’t get any woo from me.

But Seane brings it in a big way: she’s a legend in that yoga world but there’s MUCH more to the picture. I’ve known her for a few years now and we crack each other up. She has a graceful way of jumping in the ring with Reality and pulling no punches.

She’s also a super solid friend to her people, too. You don’t have to be “into yoga” to learn a ton from her. I’m proof of it, I think she’s tops.

She’s constantly out working but somehow she managed to write a book. Here it is:

She dug deep to make it happen and she’ll be on the road for the next 6 weeks:

tour dates

Check Seane out here and read her new book.

Love to your ears,





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