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When I started making my original work over a decade ago, I played tiny shows to get started. Every contact was personal, I would try to find the most intimate venues well-suited to my particular way of playing. I was ever-so-precious about it: I like the sound of headroom and I like to play quiet.

I started to question my choices after one booker said, “the more people drink during your set, the more you'll get paid, so make sure you fill the place."

"Of course!" I thought, "That's why I wrote these songs to begin with, to sell beer."

But did they offer me a cut of those beer sales?


I managed to sell quite a bit of beer. But eventually I wore myself out doing that.

So my newsletter is "sponsored" by a deep love of the art and craft of music. I find stuff I like and include it. (Over time, I hope that my subscribers - you - will also be the best source for the music I share here.)

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